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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Calendar of Events

What’s happening in the European timetable of sustainability events?

Our calendar of events provides an overview of events, gatherings and activities related to sustainable development.

It is a service for interested individuals and European civil society groups committed to sustainability.

If you are interested in sharing your events in our calendar, please contact :
mguedon (a) forum-synergies.eu

Next events:

- 1 June_ Rural Learning on the Move – Training Course on Non-Formal education

- 2 June - 5 June Zoom Eco Week on Pellworm, 2.6.-5.6.2020, DE

- 17_June Webinar: Growing Food Resilience in Covid-19 times - New Tools and Approaches for Agroecology.

- 7_July A vision for rural Europe

- 28 July_ European Ecovillage Gathering - Beyond climate crisis

- 5 Oct_ 5th European Agroforestry Conference

- 23 April_ Swedish Rural Parliament