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[EXP] Oxfordshire Woodfuel Programmes “Logs for Labour”, an exchange between volunteers and woodland managers in UK

The promotion of the production and sustainable use of woodfuel in Oxfordshire

Dossier(s) : Sustainable forestry

Type : Success story

Date de rédaction: May 2, 2016

Auteur(s) de cette fiche : Riki Therivel

Organisme(s) : Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment

Résumé :

The Oxfordshire Woodfuel Programme aims to promote the production and sustainable use of woodfuel in Oxfordshire

Texte :

Background: Key activities to date have been the development of an Oxfordshire woodfuel standard for smallscale providers, training sessions, promotion of biomass boilers, and the (by now wellknown) “Logs for Labour” programme.

Activities. The key current activity is the “Logs for Labour” programme which matches up volunteers who are happy to help manage woodlands with woodland managers who could use the help and are happy to provide logs in return. Logs for Labour is a win-win-win: woodland management, free renewable fuel and good exercise.


Challenges: Continued funding! To date, the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment has funded the programme coordinator. We are looking at ways of getting funding from the volunteers and woodland owners who profit from the programme.

Next steps. Last year we started to run ‘Introduction to Logs for Labour’ courses. The participants were so enthusiastic about these courses that we will run them again in the future, but are also considering more advanced courses, for instance on woodland management and use of tools.

Notes :

Presentation given during Market of Initiatives of the 1st workshop on sustainable Forestry, 17-20 March 2016

Contact :

Oxfordshire Woodfuel Programme

Contact: Riki Therivel

E-mail: L4L(A)oxonwoodfuel.org.uk

Website: www.oxonwoodfuel.org.uk

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Informations :

Niveau d’intervention : Local

Mots-clés : locally-based economy, woodland products, wood fuel, voluntary work, woodland management, firewood

Lieux : United-Kingdom

Acteurs : private sector, inhabitants, forest owner

Méthodes : training/capacity-building, voluntary work