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Programme d’échanges 2020 : wébinaires

Webinaire - 29.5.2020, 17:00 – 18:15 CET

Jeunes et espaces ruraux abandonnés

A second webinar organized by Forum Synergies and Latvian Rural Forum will be held on Friday 29th of May, 17:00 – 18:15 CET
The webinar will tackle the topic of Youth and abandoned rural spaces. For an immersion in this topic, we will try a methodical approach composed of a guided tour, presentation, and working groups.
Our main guest will be Jakub Dvorsky (FS Scholarship HOST 2019 and 2020) who will share his experience and let us enter Lišov Museum in Slovakia

In order to register for the webinar please use the google form : https://forms.gle/GHFKjVQ8RuFskARY7. Please register preferably before Thursday, 28.5.2020.
You will receive a reminder email and the ink to the zoom meeting room.
who will share his experience and let us enter Lišov Museum in Slovakia.

Find the draft programme here

Webinaire - 30.4.2020, 18:00 – 19:30 CET

Questions et précisions sur le programme d’échange dans le contexte COVID-19.
Vers une communauté virtuelle "Forum Synergies" ?

Originally planned as a tool for information and exchange about more technical, organisational and financial aspects and experiences of last year we more and more move towards a broader approach also including aspects of how we can stay in touch/ organise an exchange even if travelling still remains impossible due to COVID-19 induced planning uncertainties for an indefinite time.
We will offer some “appetizers” in form of videos or short presentations of hosts and trainees of 2019 as a starting point.
We are open to any questions that might come from your side and encourage you to bring in topics and proposals of how to organise a scholarship programme bridging the time until physical exchange is possible again. Thinking about bringing FS Scholarship programme out of the simple frame of an exchange programme, this could be a starting point to form a FS Scholarship community based on exchanges on specific topics that might crystallise !

Find the draft programme here

The webinar held on 30.4.2020 was recorded. In case you are interested to have a look at the presentations given by hosts and trainees and further disucssions
please click here -will be available soon , 1,9 GB !