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Participate in the European Rural Youth Parliament 2022 through our scholarship programme!

New shape

The European Rural Youth Parliament is getting a new shape! Instead of being organized as a separate event it will take place in Kielce (Poland) in fusion with the European Rural Parliament gathering from 12th till 15th of September 2022 (link ->[https://www.erp2022.eu/}).
This will be an occasion to create a dialogue between different generations and to give a voice to the young generation, to bring forward their vision for the future of rural Europe.

Participate in the frame of the Forum Synergies’ Scholarship Programme

Forum Synergies takes action to invite you to participate in the preparation process - to shape the planned Rural World Café by Youth and how bring forward outputs – AND is ready to contribute to travel costs to physically participate in Kielce for up to 5 participants.

Rural World Café - organised by youth

To prepare the world café starting from end of July there will be some online exchange events that will gather youth participants from all around the Europe in order to create an event that gives a fresh view on key rural development questions through mindful conversations and inspirational experience exchanges on topics that trigger youth.
As this offer is in in the frame of the Forum Synergies’ scholarship programme – we might ask you for some short input to our website or Facebook site to share and spread your experiences.
In case this sounds interesting for you – please feel free to contact me at forum-synergies@a1.net!