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Thématique Lab LEADER sur l’adaptation au changement climatique

Date : 10 Decembre 2019
Title : ENRD LEADER Thématique Lab sur l’adaptation au changement climatique
Country : Belgium
Location : Brussels
Organiser : ENRD Contact Point
Website : https://enrd.ec.europa.eu/news-events/events/enrd-leader-thematic-lab-climate-change-mitigation-and-adaptation_en
Type of event : European meeting : EU and stakeholders

This ENRD LEADER Thematic Lab will involve LEADER stakeholders in exploring, discussing and sharing their experiences and approaches. Practical suggestions will be developed for how LEADER can be an initiator, planner, facilitator and supporter of climate action in local rural territories. The meeting aims to identify the elements of an enabling LEADER framework for informing and supporting LAGs’ work with climate action locally.

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